Welcome to Pazzaglia’s Kenpo Karate Studio (Formerly Martial Arts & Me) Since 1999, Pazzaglia’s Kenpo Karate Studio has been providing instruction in American Kenpo, Shotokan Karate, Aikido and Chin Na in the Johnstown, NY area.
The New York State representative for the Larry Tatum Kenpo Karate Association, Joe Pazzaglia’s American Kenpo Karate Studio is Upstate New York’s premier source for the best American Kenpo Karate training available. Our system provides a devastating self-defense, while building and instilling the core tradiitonal values found in the arts like Honor, Discipline, Respect, Self Confidence and Indomitable Spirit into our students. As a result of their training at Pazzaglia’s Kenpo Karate Studio, Our students have seen vast improvement in all aspects of their daily lives. They’re more fit, more self-assured, and are better able to manage challenges. Since 1999, Pazzaglia’s American Kenpo Karate has been producing champions in the martial arts and in life.

We hope you enjoy our website and will stop by and visit us if you are in the area. This site is designed to give you information about our facility, our style of martial arts, our staff and provide you with information on how to contact us as well.


What is Kenpo?

Kenpo is a style of Karate developed in the west. The only difference between Kenpo and Kempo is in the translation of the Kanji to its English form. The words Kenpo and Kempo are both pronounced the same and both mean “Law of the Fist.” However, the more “traditional” forms of Kempo use the “Kempo” form, while the more non-traditional modern or contemporary versions use the term “Kenpo.”

Kenpo is a martial art that teaches self-defense and self-control through three primary methods: self-defense techniques, forms, and sparring. However, Kenpo diverges from traditional Karate in several important respects. Students are encouraged to change and adapt the techniques. Kenpo emphasizes vital point attacks using punches, strikes and kicks. Throws are also important in Kenpo.

Self-defense techniques help Kenpo students develop their skills by allowing them to practice with different threatening situations and experiment with what-if scenarios. Initially, forms and katas help students to develop mental concentration and mental discipline. As they progress, the forms and katas help them to develop self-awareness and self-expression. Kumite (also known as freestyle or sparring) is an exercise in which students test their skills, self-confidence, and self-control in a friendly competition among other classmates. It gives students the opportunity to develop their reflexes and timing in a controlled environment while engaging in a sport activity.

Kenpo also teaches students how to use weapons to increase their understanding of self-defense. In Kenpo, defense against knives and clubs are taught from the yellow belt and up. Weapon training often begins at the green belt level, although some schools restrict it to those of the black belt level and higher.

The Kenpo style strives to maintain a balance between “martial” and “art.” The “martial” aspect is expressed by effective efficient self-defense concepts and techniques. The “art” is expressed by creativity, self-expression, and presentation of form.

Martial Arts & Me ( Its Meaning)

Martial Arts & Me… Honesty, Loyalty, Fortitude, Live the Life You Believe In.

Its Meaning,

The first thing you will notice in the name of our school is there is no mention of the art in which we study. The logic behind this was to peek curiousity, and remind people that no one art is the answer. They all have something special and unique to offer, causing us to open our minds and broaden our horizons.

The idea or thought that went into the name of our school “Martial Arts & Me ~ Honesty, Loyalty, Fortitude ~ Live the Life You Believe In.” came from many years of study and personally growth and enlightenment. When you break down each name by its own definition you will begin to understand. The first word “Martial” can be interpreted as warlike or combative. This is the very essence of what we do and why we train. The word “Art” can be defined as ability, skill or dexterity. Karate is an art and at its highest levels should be done in a manner that appears effortless almost dance like. The Art should not be confused with other sports for it is unike anything else any practitioner will ever endure. No other activity can fulfill all ones needs as it is done in the “Arts”

Honesty, Loyalty, Fortitude ~ Live the Life You Believe In.

Honesty teaches us no only to tell the truth to others, but in Martial Arts as in life teaches us how to be honest with ourselves. This truth directly applies to how we train and our own assessment of ourselves and our ability. Becoming more and more humble each day as we grow. The Loyalty we should have for our instructors and those who came before us should not go unsurpassed. Another word for Loyalty is faith, and we should always have enough faith in our instructors to trust in the knowledge they have unselfishly passed onto us. For it comes from hundreds of years of tradition and has stood the test of times on a battlefield. Fortitude refers to having the determination to finish what you have started, even though we are not always certain of the risk involved or the outcome. Living the way of BUDO and being like a pillar of firmness for all eyes to gaze upon. Most importantly though fortitude is what gives us the courage to Live the Life You Believe In !

Martial Arts & Me “Back to School Special Offer” One month kids karate including uniform ONLY $29.95 for a limited time only!Please contact us for more details. (518) 762-1533. Your child will learn Respect, Discipline, Honor, Compassion, Indomitable Spirit, Courage, Loyalty, Self Defense, and above all TOP QUALITY MARTIAL ARTS!!!

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Congratulations to the following students on their new advancements in rank: Rafeek Rodriquez Purple Frank DiMattia Orange, Austin DiMattia Jr. Lily Rousseau, Kali Freeman All Jr. Yellow belt. Nice Job Everyone, and congratulations!


When choosing a Martial Arts School beware of fraudulent claims made by some local schools and Instructors offering Martial Arts and similar programs to that of Martial Arts & Me. Martial Arts & Me is soley responsible for developing and pioneering children abduction prevention and anti-bullying programs such as ZERO Tolerance & Be Your Own Hero. Mr. Pazzaglia is the only Instructor locally that holds rank in both Shotokan and American Kenpo. Instructors should be able to easily prove without a doubt their experience and belt rank, from a credible source. Also, don’t sell yourself short by being conned into signing up for special packages or reduced rates. Mr. Pazzaglia has been recognized by 9th Degree Mike Campos and the Johnstown Zen Do Kai as a 1st and 2nd degree Black Belt, and has gone on to earn his 3rd and 4th degree Black Belt from Grand Master Larry Tatum in American Kenpo. The school you choose should recognize the values found in tradition arts such as honor,loyalty and respect!. As a result of our enormous growth and succes over the years, Many local schools and Instructors have tried to follow in the footsteps of Martial Arts & Me and have gone as far as to make false claims with regards to rank and try to emulate our ideas and curriculum. However, Martial Arts & Me continues to be the premiere Martial Arts School in upstate NY and is the ONLY school affiliated and representative of Grand Master Larry Tatum and the LTKKA. All other claims are fraudulent! If anyone has a question about the status of our Instructors or other Instructors claiming to hold rank in American Kenpo may contact me directly at martialartsnme@frontiernet.net.

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“My true love for Kenpo grows by the day. Anyone that says there is no place for this anymore in the mainstream or in the streets, is sadly mistaken. I will continue to hone my skills, and help touch as many lives along the way as I can. Osu Anyone who says that hasn’t seen real Kenpo in action. Let them see Mr. Joe Pazzaglia or Master Frank Vigoroux and THEN say it. Kenpo is an amazing and complete martial arts system, and the more I see of it, the more I read of it, the more I learn, the more impressed I am by it. We’re thrilled and grateful to have the opportunity to learn from such experts.” CP

“What an unbelievable evening with Mr. Joe Pazzaglia at the helm. An honor and pleasure to have him at our school. The knowledge and experience he has to share is absolutely amazing. Thank you sir.” CP

“Absolutely awesome class! Thanks so much Mr. Joe Pazzaglia for coming out. Kenpo rocks!” KD

“They’re definitely amazing guys! If more folks brought strong, empowering leaders like Senseis Paul M. Napoli, Curtis Pastore and Joe Pazzaglia into their lives, there’d be a lot less bullying and pain in the world. Funny to say that about guys who teach fighting for a living, but the personal development kids get from a good martial arts program goes way beyond just the kicks and punches.” M.D.

“I recently had the pleasure of training alongside Joe Pazzaglia at his studio in Johnstown…. Never have I enjoyed the hospitality, and fully focussed commitment to his cause in just short of 30 years involvement in Kenpo Karate. His heart is truely in it, and combined with his Instructor and friend Francisco Vigoroux, the two make for an indomitable duo on the East Coast. I found knowledge, but also two lifelong Kenpo companions.” Damian Abbott, 6th Degree American Kenpo, Exeter, United Kingdom.